Oral Presentation 1 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/001
    Discovery of a novel bioherbicidal agent from Lasiodiplodia pseudotheobromae (C1136), for effective weeds management and sustainable organic agriculture.
    (Charles Adetunji)
    Oral Presentation 2 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/002
    Discovery of Novel Lead for Diabetes from Natural Origin by Multiple Docking Approach and MM-GBSA Computation.
    (Niyi Adelakun)
    Oral Presentation 3 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/003
    The Impact of Health Status on the Structure of the Gut Microbiota in Geriatric Patients living with Diabetes in Nigeria.
    (Ayorinde Afolayan)
    Oral Presentation 4 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/004
    SNP Variants Associated with Myocardial Infarction in the African Population.
    (Tawakalt Fagbayi)
    Oral Presentation 5 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/005
    Diabetes Disease Classification Based on Naïve Bayes, Random Forest and Meta-Heuristics Algorithms.
    (Kayode Saheed)
    Oral Presentation 6 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/006
    Bayesian Inference of Joint Multiple Longitudinal Outcomes Analysis of Hypertension Data.
    (Adeboye Azeez)
    Oral Presentation 7 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/007
    Manual Annotation of PCR Primer Annealing and Amplification of Target Sequence Repeats for Accurate Fragment Size Analysis and Genotyping.
    ( Adenike Adeleye)
    Oral Presentation 8 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/008
    Multi-ancestry study of blood lipid levels identifies four loci interacting with physical activity.
    ( Chiamaka Vivian Nwuba)
    Oral Presentation 9 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/009
    ADMIXTURE analysis reveals pure lines of the Ashanti Dwarf pigs of Ghana.
    ( Sethlina NaaDodua Aryee)
    Oral Presentation 10 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/010
    Homology modeling of the ATP-binding cassette transporter sub-family C member 11 protein.
    (Peace Ayegba)
    Oral Presentation 11 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/011
    Molecular evolution analysis of Streptococcus pneumoniae at Casablanca, Morocco by Whole Genome Sequencing : Preliminary results.
    (Nehemie Nzoyikorera)
    Oral Presentation 12 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/012
    Selection of Leucine as a Potential Antagonist From In Silico Analysis of µ-Opioid Receptor In the Treatment of Subjects with Heroin and Opiate Addiction.
    (Olalekan Oladimeji)
    Oral Presentation 13 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/013
    Molecular Docking and Selective Binding Affinity of Gedunin and its Monosubstituted Derivatives as Potential Anticancer and Antitubercular Agents Targeting the Human and Mycobacterium tuberculosis NAD+ Kinase.
    (Olanrewaju Durojaye)
    Oral Presentation 14 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/014
    Cluster Analysis of Selected Mycobacterium Species Using Rifampicin Resistance DNA-Directed RNA Polymerase Beta Subunit (rpoB) Gene.
    (Olufemi Amoo)
    Oral Presentation 15 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/015
    Primer Design and Optimization for Methylation Specific PCR in an Epigenetic study of Clock Genes.
    (David Ehichioya)
    Oral Presentation 16 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A)FNBC19/Abstract/016
    A glycoside from Tithoniadiversifolia blocks "gatekeeper" enzyme for malaria parasite survival: A computational modeling study.
    (Olumide Inyang)
    Oral Presentation 17 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A)FNBC19/Abstract/017
    Selection of Dehydroascorbic Acid as a Potential Agonist from Molecular Docking Analysis of mu-opioid receptor
    (Akinyemi Omoniyi)
    Oral Presentation 18 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A)FNBC19/Abstract/018
    Multi-layer Networks: Prospects in Study of Small RNA-mediated Gene Regulatory Network of Cassava in Diseased Condition
    (Temitayo Olagunju)
    Oral Presentation 19 (10 mins + 2mins Q&AFNBC19/Abstract/019
    An augmented transcript discovery approach to improve the delimitation of gene features from RNA-seq data in the Lassa virus annotation model.
    ( Toyin Abdulsalam )
    Oral Presentation 20 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A)FNBC19/Abstract/020
    Cluster Fe Actinophages Integrated in the Genomes of Actinobacteria.
    (Temitope Faleye)
    Oral Presentation 21 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A)FNBC19/Abstract/021
    Characterization of HIV-1 Pol and Env genes and the Genetic Diversity in "South-South" Nigeria Divulges a Mingling of Nigerian and Cameroonian Genotypes.
    (Iheanyi Okonko)
    Oral Presentation 22 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/022
    Dissecting the regulation of a Complex Developmental Gene: The importance of Bioinformatics tools in achieving precision in Genome Editing.
    (Michael Okoro)
    Oral Presentation 23 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A)FNBC19/Abstract/023
    Computer Aided Drug Design for Antileishmanial Drugs Discovery Using QSAR and Artificial Neural Network
    (Tinuke Oladele )
    Oral Presentation 24 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/024
    Real-Time Tracking of Lassa Virus Genome Evolution in Nigeria using NextStrain
    (Paul Oluniyi)
    Oral Presentation 25 (10 mins + 2mins Q&A) FNBC19/Abstract/025
    PhyreRisk - a dynamic web resource to bridge genomics, proteomics and 3D structural data
    (Tochukwu Ofoegbu)

    Poster Size: 90cm x 130cm portrait. This is 3ft x 4ft.

    Odd-numbered posters will present on Tuesday, June 25. All posters will remain up throughout the conference.
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/027
    Isolation and Genomic Characterization of Echovirus 11 from faeces of a Non-Human Primate in Nigeria
    Presenting Author: Temitope Faleye
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/029
    A Computational Pipeline for Unraveling Complex Traits in plants (A Case Study of CMD in Cassava)
    Presenting Author: Toyin Abdulsalam
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/031
    R-Plasmid Carriage and Antibiotic Resistance Relatedness among Virulent And Toxigenic Urinary Escherichia coli In Southwest Nigeria
    Presenting Author: Paul Akinduti
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/033
    Functional and Structural Comparative Genomics of Superoxide Dismutases (SOD)1 Gene in Laboratory Animal Models
    Presenting Author: Akinyemi Omoniyi
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/035
    In Silico Screening and Analyses of Broad-Spectrum Molecular Targets and Lead Compounds for Childhood Diarrhoea Therapy
    Presenting Author: Toluwase Fatoki
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/037
    Real time epidemiology tracking of TB with Nextstrain
    Presenting Author: Idowu Olawoye
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/039
    Neuroprotective potentials of D-ribose-L-cysteine on nigrostriatal dopaminergic degeneration in MPTP-induced Parkinson's disease in mice
    Presenting Author: Joseph Oyewale
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/041
    Association Between Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Stroke in West Africa
    Presenting Author: Callistus Akinleye
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/043
    Universal Stress Proteins of Petroleum-Degrading Alcanivorax Bacteria
    Presenting Author: Zainab Kashim
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/045
    Altered mRNA Androgen Receptor gene expression in follicles within Dehydroepiandrosterone-Induced Polycystic Ovary in Wistar rats treated with Vitamin E
    Presenting Author: Olugbemi Olaniyan
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/047
    Genome Sequence Analysis of Haemagglutinin (HA) genes of H5N1 Influenza A Virus from Nigeria: 2009 - 2019
    Presenting Author: Elijah Kolawole Oladipo
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/049
    Phylogenetic relationship of five endophytic fungi isolated from medicinal plants and their 3D Protein structural prediction
    Presenting Author: Olusola Majolagbe
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/051
    Hybridized Dimensionality Reduction Models for Microarray Data Classification
    Presenting Author: Marion Adebiyi
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/053
    Phylogenetic and In Silico Analysis of Niemann-pick type C1 (NPC1) Transporter Required for Ebola Viral Entry
    Presenting Author: Onyeka Chukwudozie
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/055
    Capacity Building in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics Techniques: A 5 year Training review
    Presenting Author: Emuejevoke Toye
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/057
    Molecular Binding Signatures Of Trigonellafoenum-graecum Compounds On CDK4 For Possible Anti-Cancer Mechanism In Breast Cancer.
    Presenting Author: Ojochenemi Enejoh
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/059
    In-Silico model of anopheles protein (Q7QKM8) reveals its participation in metabolic processes of insecticidal target.
    Presenting Author: Samuel Olawepo
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/061
    High Level of Dominance and Phenotypic Plasticity of a Member of Anopheles gambiae s. l. in a Riverine Locale of Anambra State, Nigeria
    Presenting Author: Chukwudi Egbuche
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/063
    In-silico Transcription Factor – Target Detection in Plasmodium falciparum
    Presenting Author: Itunuoluwa Isewon
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/065
    In-silco analysis of the Anopheles gambiaeflavinmonooxygenase protein
    Presenting Author: Joyce Ayoola
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/067
    In-Silco Analysis of The A7UTR7 Anopheles' 3D Protein
    Presenting Author: Emmanuel Asani
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/069
    In-silico Analysis of the Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitory Properties of Carvacrol and Rivastigmine for Therapeutic Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
    Presenting Author: Maryam Busari
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/071
    3D model of the anopheles Q7Q8J3 protein in-silico
    Presenting Author: Olukayode Adebimpe
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/073
    Green tea blocks DNA repair mechanism in small cell lung cancer: a computational insight.
    Presenting Author: Olumide Inyang
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/075
    Improving Access Control of the Cloud Using One Time Password And Massage Digest Algorithm
    Presenting Author: Muhammad IdrisSuru
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/077
    Comparative Genomic Analysis of Zika Virus Proteins from Nigeria
    Presenting Author: Elukunbi Awoyelu
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/079
    Steered Molecular Dynamics Simulation Reveals Atomic Details of Pore-forming Activities of Mosquito-Larvicide – Cry4Aa
    Presenting Author: Oluwaseyi Ogunmodede
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/081
    Histoarchitectural Effect of Anarcardiumoccidentale Stem – Bark Extract on Cadmium - induced Prerontal- cortex Damage in Adult Rattusnorvegicus
    Presenting Author: Olusegun Omotoso
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/083
    Identifying Shared Genetic Variants of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Depression Using Bioinformatics Approach
    Presenting Author: Fatimah Anwoju
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/085
    Characterisation and evolution of transcription binding factors and regulatory elements in T. aestivum
    Presenting Author: ThankGod Ebenezer
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/087
    Bioinformatics evaluation of the homologues of Schistosomamansonibiomarker proteins of bladder cancer in other Schistosoma species
    Presenting Author: Jemila Folayowon
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/089
    Arsenic and nitric oxide metabolizing microbes in urogenital schistosomiasis and induced bladder pathologies in Eggua, Nigeria
    Presenting Author: Ponle Ajayi
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/091
    Epitope-based Vaccine Design against Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Glycoprotein: A Computational Approach
    Presenting Author: Oche George
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/093
    In-Silico Studies of The Phyto-Constituents of Cannabis sativa Against AKT, In-Vivo Gene Expression Validation In Hepatocarcinoma-Induced Wistar Rats
    Presenting Author: Mujidat Shittu
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/095
    Phenotyping and Genotyping of enteric pathogenic bacteria strains in retailed Tomato (Lycopersiconesculentum Mill.) fruits in Southwest Nigeria
    Presenting Author: Yemisi Obafemi
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/097
    DNA Barcoding of Clerodendrumcapitatum using rbcL gene
    Presenting Author: Adamu Abdulrahman
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/099
    Inhibitory Effect of Flavonoids on Receptor Tyrosine Kinase of EML4-ALK; An In-silico Study.
    Presenting Author: Yetunde Kayode
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/101
    Population and Genetic Structure of Toxoplasmosis in Africa: A Bioinformatics Approach.
    Presenting Author: Titilope Afolabi
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/103
    Antimicrobial Evaluation of Gingerols and Shogaols as Alternative Therapies against the E. coli-induced Neonatal Meningitis
    Presenting Author: Henrietta Uzoeto
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/105
    Overexpression and characterisation of wild-type and mutated forms of a quinol oxidase in Escherichia coli: a potential new drug target for pathogenic organisms.
    Presenting Author: Bodunrin Ottu
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/107
    Effect of Plasmodium falciparum Resistance Molecular Markers on the Efficacy of Intermittent Preventive Therapy (IPT) amongst Pregnant Women in Asaba, Delta State
    Presenting Author: Chiamaka Achu
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/109
    Molecular Characterization of Anopheles gambiae complex in a Tropical Rainforest Community in South-eastern Nigeria
    Presenting Author: Kindness Irikannu
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/111
    Molecular Characterisation, Antimicrobial Resistance and Presence of Class 1 Integrons in Klebsiella pneumoniae Isolated from WWTP Effluent and Fresh Vegetables from Irrigated Farms and Markets
    Presenting Author: Vincent Chigor

    Poster Size: 90cm x 130cm portrait. This is 3ft x 4ft.

    Even-numbered posters will present on Wednesday, June 26. All posters will remain up throughout the conference.
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/026
    A Computational Pipeline for Genome Annotation and Metabolic Pathway Reconstruction in Plants (A case study of Cassava)
    Presenting Author: Chisom Ezekannagha
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/028
    In-Silico Analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) Significantly Associated with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Presenting Author: Fatimah Anwoju
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/030
    Flavanones from Sorghum bicolor selectively inhibit COX-2: In-silico and In-vivo Validation
    Presenting Author: Damilohun Samuel Metibemu
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/032
    Multi-layer Networks: Prospects in Study of Small RNA-mediated Gene Regulatory Network of Cassava in Diseased Condition
    Presenting Author: Temitayo Olagunju
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/034
    Evaluation of Genetic Diversity and Cardiovascular Disease Susceptibility of Sickle Cell Disease Using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
    Presenting Author: Fatima Oyawoye
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/036
    Computational Prediction of N-acylneuraminates-9-phosphatase Protein’s 3D structure Reveals its Capacity of hydrolase activity, Anopheles.
    Presenting Author: Roseline Ogundokun
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/038
    Molecular docking and in vivo studies of Azadiratchaindica as an inhibitor of protein kinase B (AKT) in hepatocarcinoma-induced Wistar rats
    Presenting Author: Lawal Mariam
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/040
    Insilico Identification of Protein-Coding and Non-Coding Regions in Next-Generation Technology Transcriptome Sequence Data: A Machine Learning Approach
    Presenting Author: Olaitan Awe
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/042
    Ensembl – What is it for and how can I learn more?
    Presenting Author: Benjamin Moore
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/044
    Virtual High Throughput Screening, 3-D Pharmacophore, QSAR and Molecular Docking Studies for the Identification of Phyto-derived ATP-Competitive Inhibitors of the BCR-ABL Kinase Domain
    Presenting Author: Damilohun Samuel Metibemu
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/046
    Evidence of Virulence Traits in Plesiomonasshigelloides from Bioinformatics and Classical Experimentation perspectives
    Presenting Author: Temitope Ekundayo
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/048
    Mobile App System For Monitoring Physical Exercises To Maintain Human Health Using Convolutional Neural Networks
    Presenting Author: Victor Osamor
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/050
    Phylogenetic Conflicts among Human and Closely Related Primates Revealed by Sequence Analysis of Selected Members of the Globin Gene Super-Family
    Presenting Author: Oluwafunminiyi Obaleye
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/052
    The Promising Prospects of the application of In silico Testing to Toxicology? What's The future .... A Review Article
    Presenting Author: Chidinma Gab-Okafor
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/056
    R-Plasmid Carriage and Antibiotic Resistance Relatedness Among Virulent and Toxigenic Urinary Escherichia coli in Southwest Nigeria.
    Presenting Author: Paul Akinduti
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/058
    Computational Prediction of AGAP007784PA Protein’s 3D Structure Reveals its Capacity of Catalytic activity in the Malaria Vector, Anopheles
    Presenting Author: Eyitayo Ogundokun
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/060
    In-silico Model of Anopheles Protein Beta-hexosaminidase reveals its participation in Carbohydrate Metabolic Process
    Presenting Author: Oluwatosin Omosebi
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/062
    PBP2A active site gating as a function of the interacting ligand’s partial electronegativity: A computational study
    Presenting Author: Adewale OGUNLEYE
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/064
    Computational prediction of the AGAP01054 Anopheles’3D protein
    Presenting Author: Babatunde Gbadamosi
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/066
    Comparative modelling of the ATP-binding cassette transporter sub-family C member 11 protein.
    Presenting Author: Peace Ayegba
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/068
    Comperative Modeling Reveals Anopheles Protein as Pyrethroids Insecticides Expeller
    Presenting Author: Benedicta Aladeitan
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/070
    In-Silico Model of Anopheles Protein Cap methyltransferase 1 revealed protein Catalystic Activity in Organisms
    Presenting Author: Emmanuel Adeniyi
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/072
    Analysis of the F5HJW8anopheles’ 3D protein
    Presenting Author: Adeola Adebimpe
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/074
    Pan-genome Analysis of the Genus Bdellovibrio: Genome Comparison of Predatory EpibioticBdellovibrioexovorus and PeriplasmicBdellovibriobacteriovorus
    Presenting Author: Omotayo Oyedara
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/076
    Identification of Potent Inhibitors of ATP synthase subunit c (AtpE) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis using in silico Approach
    Presenting Author: Mustafa Alhaji Isa
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/078
    Identification of Intra-species Protein-protein Interactions of Plasmodium falciparumschizont for Vaccine Development against Malaria
    Presenting Author: Jumoke Soyemi
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/080
    Effects of Tetracarpidiumconophorum seed oil and Dacryodesedulis pulp oil on 7,12-dimethylbenz(a) anthracene induced prostate and breast carcinogenesis and expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in wistar rats
    Presenting Author: Esosa Uhunmwangho
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/082
    The Nigerian Bioinformatics and Genomics Network (NBGN): A collaborative initiative to strengthen genomics and bioinformatics in Nigeria
    Presenting Author: ThankGod Ebenezer
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/084
    Molecular Docking, Gene Expression and In-Vivo Enzymes Profiling of Flavanone from Sorghum bicolor In HCl/Ethanol Induced-Inflammation in Wistar Rats.
    Presenting Author: Oluseyi Akinloye
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/086
    Genotyping of Variable Number Tandem Repeats in WGS Data: Implications on Forensics and Human Health
    Presenting Author: Rahaman Ahmed
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/088
    Arsenic and nitric oxide metabolizing microbes in urogenital schistosomiasis and induced bladder pathologies in Eggua, Nigeria
    Presenting Author: Chiaka Anumudu
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/090
    Using Immunoinformatics Approach to Design Multi-epitope Subunit Vaccine for Urinary Schistosomiasis by exploring S. HaematobiumHeat Shock Proteins
    Presenting Author: Olugbenga Onile
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/092
    Effects of Phytochemical Constituents of Terpenoid Extract of Azadiratchaindica on Hepatocarcinoma-Induced Wistar Rats: In-Silico And In-Vivo Studies
    Presenting Author: Lawal Mariam
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/094
    Phylo-diversity of Prevalent Human E. coli O157:H7 with Strains from Retailed Meat and Fish in Selected Markets in Ibadan Nigeria
    Presenting Author: Oluwafunmilayo Ayodele
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/096
    Information visualization techniques in bioinformatics via virtual reality
    Presenting Author: Jesse Katende
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/098
    Molecular Identification and Phylogenetic Analysis of Pullulanase Gene of Bacillus licheniformis strain FAO.CP7 Obtained from Cocoa Pod Waste
    Presenting Author: Frank Ogundolie
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/100
    Bioinformatics tools in the Identification and Analysis of Differentially Expressed Genes in Rat Neuroblastoma Model
    Presenting Author: Chisom Ezenwa
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/102
    H3ABioNet Train-the-Trainer Project
    Presenting Author: Olubukola Smile
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/104
    Hybridized Dimensionality Reduction Models for the Classification of RNA-Seq Data
    Presenting Author: Micheal Arowolo
    Poster - FNBC19/Abstract/106
    Identification of antigenic and immunogenic epitopes using Insilico prediction tools from Rift Valley fever virus strain ZH 548 as potential vaccine Candidate against Rift Valley fever disease.
    Presenting Author: Rebecca Omosimua

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